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Jazz King
 Jazz King is a multi World Champion and multi RWGC who has sired over 30 Pleasure and Performance World and World Grand Champions in his short time as a Breeding stallion.    Jazz King is a direct son of " A Jazz Man" also a multi World Champion performance TN Walking Horse.  His Damline contains Mark of Carbon, Carbon Copy and Merry Go Boy.  Jazz King stamps his offspring with unmatched beauty and talent.  Jazz King is known for his beauty and passing that beauty, as well as talent, to his offspring
 Some of Jazz King's recent World Champion offspring include:

WGC I'm King of the Ring
WGC Miss Jazz Queen
WC & RWGC I'm King Bee
WC & RWGC King of the Blues
WC & RWGC Talkin Dirty to Me
WC Jazz on my Mind
WC Jazzanova
RWC & RWGC Nat King Cole
RWC A Little Mo Jazz
RWC Jazz on the Town
RWC Jazz Badazz
RWC High Tread
RWC I'm Sky King
RWC Mystic Jazz
WGC A King Thing
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